Getting Satisfied with the Job

There are many people not being satisfied with their jobs. Still, there is the way to get satisfaction from any job. You just need the right approach.

How to Get Satisfaction from the Job?

Almost every person wants the same: to have a job, that brings satisfaction and to get enough money for it to allow themselves to rest, plan the future and refuse nothing. Things don’t always go that way in real life.

You can be satisfied with the salary level, but the job itself can seem boring. Or the job brings you lots of joy and happiness, but you  don’t earn enough with it, and you lose motivation a bit later as a result.

So, what do you need to do in order for your job to start bringing you satisfaction?

Find Out What You Are Working For

There are three approaches towards one’s job: work, career, and  passion. Depending on your choice, satisfaction level can vary significantly.

  • If you work because of work, your salary is your only motivator. That is why your income level determines whether you stay on a current place or you leave it.
  • If you work for career, then you are always “tuned” for promotion. Your satisfaction comes from the feeling of status, power and position.
  • If you work because of feeling extremely passionate about your profession, then the job itself is your motivator, not depending on salary level, prestigeor career.

Of course, your approach can be combined: you may work because you like your job and get a good money for that. Still, you need to find out what factor is the dominating one in order to meet your own expectations.

What Influences the Job Satisfaction?

There are seven components:

  • Self-consciousness;
  • Challenge;
  • Diversity;
  • Positive attitude;
  • Knowing your variants;
  • Balanced lifestyle;
  • Purposefulness;

Let’s take a closer look on to every component.

1. Self-Consciousness

First, you need to understand who you really are, and what advantages and lacks you have. Of course, your skills are worth improvement, but concentrate on your strengths first.

If is extremely difficult to get satisfaction from your job if you can’t or have not enough skills to do it well. This leads to a bad mood and even depression.

Determine your values and motivating factors. What do you want to achieve in your life? What makes your heart beat faster if to speak about your job? What salary can  satisfy you so much  that you won’t think about it and will concentrate on the job only?

2. Challenge

Even if your job is not about challenges, you can  think them out on your own. For instance:

  • Set your personal standards. Try to beat your own speed or quality records. Maybe, this won’t influence your salary level, but will bring game elements into your working routine.
  • Teach other people. This is a serious challenge for you, because it is difficult to explain the others things that you understand intuitively or do automatically.
  • Take a new responsibility: this will give you the opportunity to test yourself on a higher level.
  • Start doing a new project that will require you to learn completely new skills.
  • Make a personal development your habit: attend courses and seminars, read new books. Get new knowledge everyday.

3. Diversity

Diversity is what kills boredom. When the person is bored, their motivation, interest and enthusiasm are equal to zero. Here are some ways to deal with boredom while being at work:

  • Learning new skills;
  • Asking about transfer to another department;
  • New task request;
  • Teamwork;
  • Long-term vacation;
  • Try changing your routes or afternoon break if you have a routine job;
  • Change position of things on your desk, add things you like.

4. Positive Attitude

A human can’t change reality fundamentally, but they can get a certain attitude towards bad and unpleasant events. If you are nervous or depressed, there can be no talk about satisfaction you’re your job. Unpleasant moments will happen at any job, that is why the positive attitude towards troubles is extremely important.

  • Delete negative thoughts;
  • Change negative thoughts to positive;
  • Put past day events into a right context;
  • Don’t let mistakes stop you;
  • Know that mistakes are chances to become better;
  • Become an optimist.

5. Knowing Your Variants

When you feel yourself trapped, it’s easy to become worried. You think you are in a dead end, and there will never appear any light. When you feel that you’ve got variants and  possibilities, you get the feeling of control upon your life. When you don’t have any alternatives, you feel unhappy.

  • Provide a list of your achievements;
  • Refresh your CV;
  • Be aware of new trends in employment;
  • Provide a research upon new professions that might interest you.

Speaking of resume preparation, ordering proofreading service of is a way to make it neat if you have an indeed  impressive work experience and textual description of it might just contain inaccuracies.

6. BalancedLifestyle

When you concentrate on your job only, other aspects of your life start “lagging”. As a result, you can’t think about the job because your mind is busy with completely other thoughts: about family, health and  relations.

7. Purposefulness

This skill will let you deal with even the most boring job ever. If you know your goals and understand how to achieve them, you’ll understand temporary difficulties. Understand, that the way to success is always very complicated, but if you’ve got your purpose and discipline, then you’ll achieve anything you wish.


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