Humanity — Our Not allowed Extra-Terrestrial Previous

I kept an archive of my personal first-hand experiences within the exciting youthful semiconductor business.

It is actually amazing exactly how little we all know about the important thing players as well as brilliant minds from the remarkable pioneers from the Semiconductor Trend. Without all of them there will be no pc and consequently no human being genome, satellite television communication, room exploration, an array of inventions along with multi million pound industries not to mention the most critical – the web.

But when i watched the actual amazing development from the transistor and also the ubiquitous ‘silicon chip’ that has revolutionised the world, I started to link these types of extraordinary envisionary achievements using the human mind. Regular trips past Silbury Slope prompted me to think about where the remarkable knowledge originated from and therefore began a study into the actual enigmatic Silbury Hill with regards to our earlier anthropology as well as astonishing development.

Why will the business want us to think that Silbury Slope is simply a chalk mound once they know there’s much more for this ancient framework?

Why tend to be we therefore clever when compared with our closest relative the actual African Chimpanzee? Might a chimpanzee, that shares 98. 4% in our genetic make-up, within the next 10, 000 years have the ability to design, build as well as drive an automobile? I think this is possible however only along with some assist from all of us!

Were the actual seeds associated with humanity caused by some extra-terrestrial experimentation with this Homo sapiens ancestors within our ancient previous? Were all of us helped in order to inadvertently produce the ‘Planet from the Homo sapiens” when an old civilisation started by extra-terrestrials had been devastated via some main global disaster around 10, 500 in years past?

At existing, our knowledge of humanity is dependent upon Creationism, roughly equal to the very first two chapters from the Book associated with Genesis. Creationism demands blind belief and numerous religions/faiths evolved out of this biblical supply.

Then arrived Jesus, the boy of God among more information on son associated with God. Then somebody had the actual brilliant concept of heaven as well as hell. This particular made the actual Church very wealthy as well as powerful, through the thought of absolution, confession and utilization of the Questions which survived over six hundred years and we’re still sensation its impact today!!

Science had been ever present however the time had been right within 1859 with regard to Darwin to create his suggestions on development further formed our suggestions on Mankind through Darwinism.

Then came the thought of Intelligent Style to fight the increasing scientific quarrels. Basicallyit facilitates Creationism and it is presented because science, and gives other quarrels with creationism however avoids literalBiblical referrals to things like the Flood in the Book associated with Genesisor utilizing Bible passages to age our planet.

And additionally the actually present ‘Nature sixth is v Nurture’ discussion.


Why offers this query been suppressed as well as forbidden with time?

It isn’t a brand new question and it has been explored with the generations. In the end it had been mentioned within the Bible because cleverly portrayed in Monty Pythons movie “Life associated with Brian’ which and in addition was banned through the Church!

We’ve been through probably the most extraordinary chaos. Something went radically wrong within our History. A great deal of psychopaths possess ruled the planet.

It appears to be that somebody doesn’t would like us in order to explore the extra — terrestrial previous! A past that could reveal precisely how clever all of us are as well as how we’ve been manipulated through Elites with the centuries.

Therefore, first we have to realise you will find Elites’ in our midst. They as well as their forefathers had discovered within our distant past how you can manipulate as well as control the collective unconscious minds through playing primarily on the fears as well as greed. It’s created their own ongoing achievement!

They will probably have evolved from the long type of secret communities – Knights in combat Templar, Freemasonry, and so on., intent upon preserving the actual remains of the master race in the extra-terrestrial colonisation associated with Earth a few 13, 000 in years past.

To discover this basic question we have to understand the simplified type of our numerous states associated with mind.

Mindful state.

Now – within the moment. As soon as of Option, sometimes effective moments of preference – Marriage/Divorce, profession change, home move….

Once the transitory immediate passes the actual conscious slips to the sub mindful. The rest process allows our data to become stored realistically?

Sub Mindful

Forgotten reminiscences from our life time on Planet triggered by a meeting can proceed sub mindful fleetingly to the conscious frame of mind – for instance meeting the school buddy you have not seen for a long time and discussing old encounters.

However the subconscious is available to manipulation, through simple as well as fairly innocent mind video games, e. grams., being reminded concerning the lake left of the actual fairway just when you are about in order to play your own shot, sledging within cricket, and so on. These good examples show exactly how our considering process could be easily interrupted and how with the powers associated with concentration these types of thoughts could be dismissed in the mind.

Yet there’s a more menacing threat to the unconscious via extremely severe professional psychologists utilized by an very rich as well as powerful group in our midst ruling the planet – I’ve labelled all of them ‘Elites’. Their aim would be to make themselves much more powerful through finding methods for stealing your own wealth as well as endangering your wellbeing.

Elites tend to be absolutely ruthless and never concerned regarding people becoming killed within wars started by all of them or via tobacco, medications, fast meals, etc.

Edward Bernays (Freud’s nephew) played a large part within developing these types of Public Connection and Propaganda Techniques at the start of the final century through exploiting the subconscious to obtain us to purchase products through corporations sponsored through the Elites.

Among Bernays achievement stories had been the cigarettes industry. Cigarette smoking would provide us a difficult image if your man, or if your woman might make all of us glamorous as well as independent — heavily promoted through the Black & Whitened films from the day!! Film moguls for example Howard Hughes experienced big financial curiosity about promoting the actual growing cigarettes industry via their movies, even though there is absolutely absolutely no benefits in order to us via smoking!!

Existing culprits — still the actual tobacco business, but right now closely then the just like dangerous treat and pharmaceutical drug industries)! (“The sweet you are able to eat in between meals without having ruining your own appetite” — no you cannot!! )#)


It’s difficult whenever we are continuously being inundated by propaganda along with other rubbish within newspapers, TELEVISION programmes, expert groups, ‘professionals’ (Physicians, Psychologists, Lawyers, Clergy, and so on), and so on.

BE YOUR PERSONAL DOCTOR IN THE EVENT THAT STILL FEASIBLE, (more than 60% from the deaths recorded in america were right down to patient medications and pills). The actual pharmaceutical businesses, supported through many physicians don’t really worry about your wellness – such as the tobacco business.

Psychologists market our luxury of considering – all of us sometimes think an excessive amount of but they’ll make you believe even much more – ignore and keep grinning!!

Solicitors can make a easy divorce settlement a tragedy!

The Church- why exist so numerous woman Catholics thinking about how badly they’ve been treated with the centuries? Christmas — we fall for this every 12 months!

Politicians — we know how money grubbing and corrupt they’re. Puppets towards the Elites! Is deficiencies in interest within voting a sign we are realizing through the actual rudderless populism associated with puppet political figures? At the following general selection should we now have a box about the ballot type labelled ‘Pointless’? Since it is extremely unlikely this type of choice is going to be available, simply don’t election!

Remember all of us don’t reside in a democracy, it’s not necessary to look as well deep to determine how Blair required us right into a war along with IRAQ that almost all didn’t want so that as for fracking!!!

Once the American political figures were dropping the United states public curiosity about going in order to war along with IRAQ, a tale suddenly appeared within the Wall Road Journal which Saddam’s troops were eliminating babies within Lower Mesopotamia. Immediately open public opining changed to aid the terrible bombing associated with Baghdad despite the fact that the tale was later proven to have already been fabricated – however it achieved caused by branding Saddam Hussein the monster. The actual baby killers ended up being Bush & Blair!! They did a very great job for that Elites making huge continuing unrest on the planet that had been totally unneeded!

The public can’t stand war why is the actual coverage associated with World Battle 1 heading way outrageous. Lots associated with money as well as control to become made within war. Very easy to destabilise the peaceful scenario! So simple to play upon our fears by giving an adversary! Predictive Visualisation — subliminal thoughts games — so all of us accept the genuine article when it arrives! Especially associated with war!!

The economic crisis caused through the credit crisis where numerous financiers as well as bankers went off along with millions otherwise billions associated with dollars. But apparently the ‘Elites’ might have us think that the economic crisis was brought on by single moms and advantage cheats!

One of the greatest of just about all Elites ripoffs was the actual introduction associated with money to change bartering as well as good may. Their sluggish stealth-like method of introducing their own monetary program guarantee’s that the majority of us today tend to be slaves towards the Elites. It’s now very hard to imagine a global without cash – but is really a money-free culture possible? The Inca Empire and several other societies appear to have handled it! It would appear that trust as well as kindness are essential ingredients in this society! Some people today, the select couple of, seem every single child live daily life without having money — has anybody seen the actual Queen searching about inside a purse?

Some people who avoid the shackles of utilizing a system that runs on the simple bit of paper which “Promises to pay for the bearer upon demand the sum of the – the worthiness written about the note”, tend to be labelled ‘underclass’ ‘new age’ ‘primitive’. Clearly ‘rat race’ isn’t one of the labels.

Environmentalists happen to be hoodwinked through the Airline Business (Elites) in very similar way once we were deceived through the Tobacco business. Our planet has been zigzagged along with over fifty eight, 000 trip paths used every day and with most of the planes soaring empty to keep their paths. To place the energy consumption in to perspective, just one flight through London to Ny consumes much more fuel than utilized by all Method 1 cars throughout a Grand Prix period!! Millions associated with gallons associated with fossil energy sources are transformed by aircraft engines in to pollutants as well as discharged in to our atmosphere every day apparently without any greenhouse impact!! Nevertheless the actual Ozone coating depletion as well as greenhouse impact is the fault with regard to using aerosol containers and fossil fuel fired electrical power!

With pensioners dying since they’re unable to cover the large increases within heating expenses, seemingly it’s not the fault from the energy companies’ cartel, no it is your problem for attempting to stop fracking!!

Subliminal advertising messages at the. g. used within Music Movies (said to be illegal) additionally used thoroughly.

Give all of them a banner, a nationwide anthem, Queen/King as well as Country, an enemy and they’ll follow such as sheep!!

Watch the way the Elites manipulate/persuade all of us that Charles as well as Camilla can make a fantastic King as well as Queen!!

Also interesting to determine how they’ll use almost all their powers as well as influence to control and destabilise the actual democratic INDEED vote with regard to Scottish Self-reliance. If Scotland ballots YES, it will likely be a really pleasant surprise along with a step within the right path for mankind. However, Scotland will have to be brave to handle the retribution that the ‘Elites’ will certainly dish away unless the actual break-up from the UK is actually what they want!?

Why could it be that anybody exploring this particular intriguing extra-terrestrial query is branded a ‘crackpot’? In yesteryear it will be a lot even worse.

It is actually interesting the way the Elites provide the establishment (their own establishment) good ‘labels’ — archaeologists, Egyptologists, palaeontologist, bishop, and so on. Free thinkers tend to be labelled through them because witches (these were the NHS healthcare professionals and midwives of the day), heretics, misfits, crackpots, modern, conscious objectors/cowards, and so on., which conjure up an instantaneous negative impression from the individual prior to he/she starts their mouth area!

So it’s time in order to play all of them at their very own game. I will plant an alternative solution label inside your subconscious to explain the traditional archaeologist as well as Egyptologist that pontificate presently there long set up lazy, sloppy ideas passed down to all of them by a few equally lazy/sloppy teacher, usually in the same college. The brand new label for this option is CLING-ON.

Maybe providing them with this label would have been a wakeup phone? Will this bring the actual establishment academics from their off white towers? Let’s discover.

Play all of them at their very own game through ignoring their own manipulation as well as propaganda, even though it indicates doing without having!

Realize the way the Elites change our unconscious and defeat them at their very own game.


However it’s not easy since the Elites tend to be ruthless as well as readily ready to put the actual destabilisation propaganda as well as ‘dirty tricks’ sections into complete swing!!

It isn’t always easy knowing when the subconscious has been manipulated. After i stop obtaining on my personal soap containers, I understand I’m successful.

So, exactly what would occur if all of us took manage of ourself, if all of us didn’t vote in the next selection, if all of us didn’t study Rupert Murdock biased papers or turned off the TELEVISION propaganda information programmes? Nicely, they would need to change — and certainly it could not be any kind of worse?

Remember the states associated with mind will also be collective. Again this particular collective subconscious could be manipulated through the ‘Elites’ encircling it using their manipulative suggestions of beliefs, politics, nationalism, and so on., and obstructing our internal core — our personality!

The proven fact that around the globe, cultures, beliefs etc., we are able to enjoy exactly the same piece associated with music, the football complement, a laugh. I think this illustrates a commonality in our origins, a solitary place and time where humanisation started!

We should believe “Anything is actually possible” because highlighted within sport — sport transcends.


I began to write the book within the mid 90’s depending on my first-hand experiences within the exciting youthful semiconductor business.

But when i watched the actual amazing development from the transistor and also the ubiquitous ‘silicon chip’ that has revolutionised the world, I started to link these types of extraordinary envisionary achievements using the human mind. Regular trips past Silbury Slope prompted me to think about where the knowledge originated from and therefore began a study into the actual enigmatic Silbury Hill with regards to our earlier anthropology as well as astonishing development, leading towards the publication associated with my guide Silbury Dawning: The actual Alien Customer Gene Concept.

Why will the business want us to think that Silbury Slope is simply a chalk mound once they already know there’s much more for this ancient framework? Is this possible which Silbury Slope was the witness to the extra-terrestrial previous and in the dawning associated with humanity?

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